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Suou Ginta

Birthday: April 10
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: O
Current Love: Suzuki Arimi
Past Love: Koishikawa Miki
School: Touryou High School
Grade: Junior
Hobbies: the tennis team

Ginta is very serious at times and is very hot tempered but that is what makes him such a good character. He is passionate about everything including Koishikawa Miki his love interest since junior high. When Ginta got that letter from Miki he was happy, because he really did love her too. Unfortunately Miki had put the letter inside of a magazine, and that magazine actually belonged to a friend of his. Earlier on all of the boys in school had made a deal that since they all liked Miki, none of them would be the first to go out with her. Ginta sadly was not aggresive enough to go against that. But Miki did not know this until Ginta told her only after she had already fallen for Matsuura Yuu. Ginta was very jealous of Yuu and altough Akizuki Meiko told him not to he continued to pursue Miki. When he met Suzuki Arimi she came up with a plan that she said would make Miki jealous and want Ginta more. So Ginta agreed to Arimi's plan, which was to pretend to be going out. It worked too, Miki became very jealous, because she did still like Ginta. Unfortunately for him she liked Yuu more. When Ginta finally accepted that he couldn't have Miki he fell in love with Arimi. Ginta is Rokutanda Tsutomu's cousin. Tsutomu is the one who gave Ginta the Wibleton pin that he gave to Miki. However most of the time the cousins do not get along very well. This is probably because Ginta always beats Tsutomu in their tennis matches, and of course becuse Ginta gets Arimi. Ginta is a very good tennis player he won at the high school Inter Regionals (obviously a big tennis tournament). I have to admit that Ginta is my very favorite character on the show, he is really hot!