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Rokutanda Tsutomu

Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: B
Current Love: Takase Yayoi
Past Love: Suzuki Arimi
School: Sakaki Academy
Grade: Junior
Hobbies: the tennis team

Rokutanda Tsutmomu is one of my favorite characters on the show (he looks so cute when he cries!). He has a very jealous nature and claims to have been in love with Suzuki Arimi ever since he was little. Unfortunetely she despises him. He has a very competative relationship going with his cousin Suou Ginta and it doesn't help much that it appears that Ginta is going out with Arimi. Tsutomu also hates Matsuura Yuu since Yuu also once dated Arimi. Tsutomu is constantly making bets which he always loses and as a result has to cut off his hair.