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Miki Koishikawa

Horoscope: Aries
Bloodtype: A
School: Touryou
Grade: Junior
Hobby: Tennis Club

Miki, the main character of Marmalade Boy, is an adorable girl. She is cheerful, silly, and very energetic. She is also an incredibly loyal friend, and loved by all who meet her (unless they are after Yuu ^_^ ). She in turn, also loves everyone, causing problems in her romances. She was the only one who was opposed to the marriage swap in the begining, but she seemed to come to terms with it, when she found out exactly who she would be living with. Miki's best friend is Meiko, they share a diary, to tell each other things, when they would not be able to talk otherwise. Another one of Miki's friends is Suou Ginta, and when Miki was in Junior High she had feelings for Ginta that were more serious than friendship. But, later Miki realizes that Yuu is the only one for her.

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