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Matsuura Yuu

Birthday: June 3
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: B
Current Love: Koishikawa Miki
Past Love/s: None
School: Touryou High School
Grade: Junior
Hobbies: Was on the tennis team at his old school

When Yuu and Koishikawa Miki first met he was pretty rude to he, but later they fell in love. Before the whole remarriage fiasco Yuu lived with his mother (then Matsuura Chiyako) and his father (Matsuura Youji). He went to Sakaki Academy along with Suzuki Arimi and Rokutanda Tsutomu. This is where he met Arimi and agreed to her plan to go out for three monthes and then break up if he still did not have any feelings for her, which he didn't. Unfortunately she did have feelings for him. When he transferred to Touryou High School he did not join any clubs but spent all of his time in the school liberary or at his part-time job at the Junk Jungle. We later find out that the reason that Yuu spent so much time in the liberary was because he had discovered that the man he had thought to be his father, was not, and the man whom he thought might be his father was an archetect who had several books published. This man was Miwa Satoshi's father. Satoshi saw Yuu reading the book and started hitting on him (at least thats what it looked like). This of course freaked Yuu out. Yuu was also the first one to find out about Akizuki Meiko and Shin'ichi Namura's (their teacher) relationship. He saw them in the liberary together. But he didn't tell anyone.