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Season 1

Main Characters:

Koishikawa Miki
Matsuura Yuu
Akizuki Meiko
Suou Ginta
Shin'ichi Namura
Suzuki Arimi
Rokutanda Tsutomu
Miwa Satoshi


Miki & Yuu
Na-chan & Meiko


Miki on Yuu
Miki on Ginta
Yuu on Miki
Ginta on Miki
Arimi on Yuu
Tsutomu on Arimi
Satoshi on Meiko

What's Going On?

Well, everything is begining, so many of the characters are meeting each other for the very first time. The most important meeting of course is that between Miki and Yuu. Everyone's true feelings come out, and Miki is very confused, the most now than at any other time in the series I believe.