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Where To Get Your Copy Of Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy has not been purchased by any of the big subtitling and dubbing companies, therefore, the only way to get a copy (if you don't live in Japan) is to buy it fansubbed or fandubbed.

There are several Marmalade Boy fansub distibuters, but the best one I have found is ChiAnime Fansub Distribution they have low prices, very good service, and the entire Marmalade Boy series, plus the movie. If you want Marmalade Boy subtitled (which is the only way that I would ever want it), get it here.

But not everyone has the same opinion as I do (that would be kind of scary ^_^ )There is a group that is fandubbing Marmalade Boy called First Kiss. Unfortunately they have not completed any episodes yet (or none are for sale yet anyway). But they are still looking for extras and other characters so go to their page if you are interested.

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