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The Parents

(From left to right: Chiyako, Jin, Youji, and Rumi)

Maybe the craziest parents in all of anime (at least is any I have seen) and that's saying a lot. They don't really seem to have any morals whatsoever. But to give them credit, they do love their children very much.

Miki's Parents:

Koishikawa Jin- Miki's father, now married to Yuu's mother. He is bad at video games.

Koishikawa Rumi- Miki's mother, now married to Yuu's father, current name: Matsuura Rumi. She is a bad cook (perhaps that's were Miki gets it from).

Yuu's Parents:

Matsuura Youji- Yuu's father, now married to Miki's mother. He is good at math.

Matsuura Chiyako- Yuu's mother, now married to Miki's father, current name: Koishikawa Chiyako. She works for a cosmetics company.