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Shin'ichi Namura

Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: A
Current Love: Akizuki Meiko
Past Love: None
Job: Teacher at Touryou High School & tennis team coach

Miki, Yuu, Meiko, and Ginta's homeroom teacher, and I think they're English 2 teacher as well. (Is it just me or is every main teacher on an anime program an English teacher?) It is only Na-chan's second year of teaching, and he went to Touryou himself. He was best friend's with Kjima-san (Yuu's boss). He is a very good teacher and all of his students love him, some more than others. Namura-sensei met Meiko his first year of teaching, when she was fifteen and in Junior High. There's an eight year age difference between them. They fell in love in the school library and Na-chan wondered if he had a Lolita complex ^_^. They had to put their relationship on hold though when Na-chan became Meiko's teacher. After the two break-up (sorry for anyone who hasn't gotten this far in the series) Na-chan went to his parents in Hiroshima to work at his fathers real estate firm.