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The Marmalade Boy Gallery

Koishikawa Miki

  • Miki running, her hair in pigtails..
  • Three cute manga pictures of Miki.
  • Miki with a big smile on her face, standing in front of a store.
  • Three manga pictures of Miki wearing a kimono.

    Matsuura Yuu

  • Yuu holding the voice memo robot.
  • A manga picture of Yuu.
  • A rather large pic of Yuu smiling and wearing his former school uniform.

    Akizuki Meiko

  • Meiko smiling.
  • A manga picture of Meiko looking depressed.
  • Meiko standing in front of a store, holding a bouquet of roses.

    Suou Ginta

  • Ginta looking angry.
  • Three pics of Ginta in one.
  • Ginta looking serious.
  • Ginta looking shocked and embarassed.
  • A young picture of Ginta with his hair cut short.
  • Ginta smiling over his shoulder.

    Suzuki Arimi

  • Arimi standing in front of a store wearing an unusual hat.
  • Arimi standing in front of a tree looking dismayed.

    Shin'ichi Namura

  • Na-chan looking very respectable.

    Rokutanda Tsutomu

  • Two Tsutomu cards.

    Miwa Satoshi

  • Two Miwa-san cards.

    The Parents

  • Miki and Yuu's crazy parents.

    Miki & Yuu

  • Miki and Yuu viewing the night sky.
  • Yuu holding Miki, New York in the background.
  • Miki fixing Yuu's collar (cute!!!!!!!!).

    Group Pictures

  • The girls of Marmalade Boy.
  • The cast of the third season with New York in the background.
  • The 5 main characters having a party.
  • Miki with the super deformed cast of the second season crawling all over her.

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